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With our “Performances & More” package, you’ll get instant access to world-class bellydance, tribal, and fusion performances that you can watch anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or web-enabled television.

Enjoy high-quality, streaming performance videos featuring the biggest names in bellydance including Sadie, Ansuya, Jillina, Aziza, Karim Nagi, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Bellyqueen, and more! You’ll also be treated to footage from classic Egyptian stars such as Fifi Abdo, Souher Zaki, Nagwa Fouad, and more. As a bonus, this package also includes documentaries, reality, and the Bellydance Television series.

For an affordable recurring monthly payment of $5.99, you have unlimited access to our exciting performance collection with new videos automatically added at no extra charge. You can cancel any time - just let us know.

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This package includes:

•Al Dunia: Spectacular Bellydance Performances
•American Belly Dance Legends (Documentary)
•Arabian Dance Fever: Nagwa Fouad (Performances)
•Arabian Melodies feat. Suhaila (Performances)
•Armenia in Dance (Performances)
•Aziza Raks! Passion of Bellydance (Performances)
•BD-TV Belly Dance Television Vol. 1
•BD-TV Belly Dance Television Vol. 2
•BD-TV Belly Dance Television Vol. 3
•Bellydance Connection (Performances)
•Bellydance Underworld: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Bellydance! its Best (Performances)
•Bellyqueen: Bellydance Experience (Performances)
•Bellyqueen: Bellydance NYC (Performances)
•By Dancers For Dancers 2 (Performances)
•By Dancers for Dancers 3 (Performances)
•By Dancers for Dancers 4 (Performances)
•By Dancers for Dancers 5 (Performances)
•By Dancers for Dancers 6 (Performances)
•Egypt in Dance: Traditional Performances
•Egyptian Folkloric Dances (Performances)
•Evolution: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Exotic Hips with Rachel George (Performances)
•In Motion: Moving Bellydance Performances
•Insider Secrets: Marketing with Michelle Joyce
•Lights! Camera! Bellydance! (Performances)
•Magical Art of Bellydance (Performances)
•Nadia Gamal "The Legend" (Performances)
•On Fire! Hot Bellydance Performances
•Project Bellydance (Reality Show) Season 1
•Raks Habibi by Vikitoriya (Performances)
•Sensual Art of Bellydance (Performances)
•Shake it Up! Exotic Bellydance Performances
•Showtime! Dazzling Bellydance Performances
•Souher Zaki: Sweet Star of Cairo (Performances)
•Soukara by Viktoriya (Performances)
•Tales of Desire 2: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Tales of Desire: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•That's Hot! Performances with Kaya & Sadie
•The Exotic Art of Bellydance (Performances)
•The Soul of Bellydance (Performances)
•The Spirit of Bellydance (Performances)
•The World of Bellydance (Performances)
•Tribal Renaissance: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Tribal Revolution: Tribal-Fusion Performances

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