Tribal Style

From tribal roots to modern-fusion, the Tribal Style package gives you access to some of the biggest names in tribal including Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Amy Sigil, and Jill Parker. In addition to instruction for all levels, you’ll get access to performances for inspiration and entertainment. As a bonus, you’ll also get classes for sword, veils, doumbek, finger cymbals, poi, and more.

With, you’ll have instant access to online tribal style classes - watch anytime, anywhere - at your own pace and schedule. High quality streaming video allows you to view on any device including your computer, tablet, smartphone, or web-enabled television. For an affordable recurring monthly payment of $12.99, you get unlimited access to our complete tribal library with new videos automatically added at no extra charge. You can cancel any time - just let us know.

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This package includes:

•Arab Folk Dance with Karim Nagi
•Bellydance Underworld: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Core Fitness: Pilates Inspired Workout with Aubre
•Egypt in Dance: Traditional Performances
•Egyptian Folkloric Dances (Performances)
•Evolution: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Expressive Bellydance Veil with Kaeshi Chai
•Fluid Technique 1 with Zoe Jakes
•Fluid Technique 2 with Zoe Jakes
•From A to Zoe 1: Traveling, Combos, Flutters...
•From A to Zoe 2: Hits, Strength, Flexibility...
•From A to Zoe 3: Movement, Drills, Combos...
•From A to Zoe 4: Layering, Make-Up, Practice...
•Hip Pop NYC: Popping & Combos with Kaeshi Chai
•How to Become a Killer Ziller with Michelle Joyce
•Intro to Saidi with Mohamed Salah
•Move Your Body: Fusion Choreography with Ansuya
•North African Berber Choreography with Tamer Yehia Aziz
•Nubian Dance Class with Ashraf Kodak
•Poi Spinning for Beginners with Michelle Joyce
•Popped, Locked, & Loaded with Kami Liddle
•Pow! Tribal Choreography with Amy Sigil/Unmata
•Rhythms of the Arab World Vol. 1 with Karim Nagi
•Rhythms of the Arab World Vol. 2 with Karim Nagi
•Tales of Desire 2: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Tales of Desire: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•The Art of Sword & Shamadan with Princess Farhana
•Tribal Essence: Tribal-Fusion Chor. with Aubre
•Tribal Renaissance: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Tribal Revolution: Tribal-Fusion Performances
•Tribal Roots: Technique & Chor. with Kami Liddle

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